Scientific Committee/Wissenschaftlicher Ausschuss

- Chair:
Ingrid-Maria Gregor, DESY ATLAS, Ingrid.Gregor at

- Deputy:
Tim Laarmann, DESY FS-PS, tim.laarmann at

- Minutes:
Thomas Schörner-Sadenius, DESY CMS, thomas.schoerner-sadenius at

- Secretary:
Katalin Kis, Katalin.Kis at

(as of June 2022)

The Scientific Committee at DESY (in German: Wissenschaftlicher Ausschuss – WA) is the representative of the scientific staff at DESY. The task of the WA is to advise the DESY Board of Directors on issues of fundamental scientific importance. In accordance with the DESY statutes this extends in particular to

  • the scientific program,
  • expansion and extension projects of essential importance,
  • fundamental questions of the scientific structure of DESY,
  • questions of cooperations with universities, other research institutions and industry as well as international cooperation.

The Scientific Committee may provide the Scientific Council with suggestions on the composition of the Board of Directors and the appointment of leading scientists.

Members of the Scientific Committee are:

  • the senior scientists of DESY, unless they are members of the Directorate,
  • scientific staff, elected from each department for a two-year term,
  • scientific staff, elected from the external research groups at DESY for two years each.

Details are laid down in rules of procedure and election rules which the SComm sets up with the approval of the Foundation Council.

Next Meeting of the WA:

on 11 November 2022,
10:30-14:00 h, WA meeting - hopefully as a presence meeting in SemR 4a+b .

Zoom will also be possible. Details for the zoom-meeting will be sent around as email.

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